Amplitude Modulation (MaxMSP)

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Amplitude Modulation (MaxMSP)

This is a code example that demonstrates basic principles of audio digital signal processing and sound synthesis in MaxMSP. Specifically it shows how amplitude modulation works.

Following is an introduction to amplitude modulation, a technique used in digital signal processing (i.e. telecommunications) and in our case for sound synthesis. You can read this Wikipedia article to familiarise yourself with amplitude modulation, and you can continue by checking the code example.

In order to open the file you need to install MaxMSP in your computer (Windows or Mac operating systems).

Here is the link to download the maxpat file.

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Stavros Didakis

Stavros Didakis

Stavros Didakis is the founder and managing director of SoniconLab, a media laboratory with a focus and interest in media, art, and technology. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Media Arts & Technology at the Institure of Digital Arts Technology (i-DAT), in Plymouth University (UK). His work focuses on the development of digital systems, programming, media design, interaction, and system installation. Stavros is also a scholar of Alexander S. Onasis Public Benefit Foundation.

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