ReSynth: An FM Synthesizer

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ReSynth: An FM Synthesizer

Resynth is a Frequency Modulation (FM) synthesizer programmed in Max/MSP. In this article you can download for free this sound module and use it in your projects to build your own sounds or synthesis patches.

The patch is in .maxpat format, which means that you will need to install MaxMSP/Jitter in your computer to open the file. This synthesis module uses FM to modulate a carrier frequency with another. You can use your own amplitude envelopes and modulation indeces to shape the sound the way you want. Moreover, there are audio effects to add such as filter, delay and echo, and also a MIDI utility to communicate with your hardware devices for the control of this patch.

For more information on audio digital signal processing and synthesis techniques and DSP effects you may want to check first our tutorials: Frequency Modulation, MIDI, and Audio Processors.


Download the Max file

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