Reverb Unit Code

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Reverb Unit Code

This is an article that presents a MaxMSP patch that was created to demonstrate how to develop a DSP reverberation algorithm.

The patch is in .maxpat format, which means that you will need to install MaxMSP/Jitter in your computer to open the file. As you see in the following screenshot, there is a sampler that allows you to open an audio file (.wav, .aiff), store it in a buffer and reproduce it while it is being processed by the reverberation algorithm. This algorithm presents the fundamentals of applying a series of delays to create a reverberation effect.

For more information on reverberation and DSP effects you may want to check first our tutorials: Sound in Open/Closed Spaces, and Audio Processors.


Download the Max file

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Stavros Didakis

Stavros Didakis is the founder and managing director of SoniconLab, a media laboratory with a focus and interest in media, art, and technology. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Media Arts & Technology at the Institure of Digital Arts Technology (i-DAT), in Plymouth University (UK). His work focuses on the development of digital systems, programming, media design, interaction, and system installation. Stavros is also a scholar of Alexander S. Onasis Public Benefit Foundation.

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