Plinthos Pavilion

Plinthos Pavilion is an installation that was made for the Interior Design Show (ID10), during 26-29 of November 2010, in Metamorphosis, Athens. The concept and the design of the construction were made from mabarchitects, and the interactive system installation, programming, and media design was made from SoniconLab. The collaboration of these two teams created an interactive space that uses architectural design and media technologies in absolute harmony, and presents to the visitors an interface that oscillates between realities, reflection, and transparency.

Plinthos is a sculpture made of tens of thousands of bricks. The bricks are positioned in a new way so that the structure becomes transparent. Bricks, light, sound, air all merge together with the use of interactivity and media technologies resulting in a space that offers new and alternative experiences. Every material affects one another in peculiar ways, but altogether they form a balanced equation of a space that you can visit, explore and feel.

The system behind this installation is responsible for the sonic ambience that is created, and balances between the rough texture of the surface and an earthly and harmonic sonification. Each new frequency that appears through the sound spectrum does not affect only our perception, but also it defines the light design that the visitor can see through the 261,792 holes of the structure. Every position and rotation has a different result, and this experience is the outcome of an interplay between ourselves and the structure.

The cylinders that appeared in the middle of Plinthos become triggering mechanisms that are linked to the memory of the place. Each interaction with these metallic interfaces bring to life past memories emerging from the creation of the space; an ancient heart that is brought to the future.

Tags: interactive, lighting, installation, space, sonic, responsive architecture, biennale

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