• VJ Mode for impressive visual shows
  • Music Cafe for music flow automation
  • MultiVideo Station - A free video automation software
  • More than 300 VJ clips for your shows

In Sonicon Lab we develop applications that are mainly used for multimedia installations and audiovisual performances. Most of the software we provide is intended for professionals that demand intuitive ways for interfacing with the multimedia content with no sacrifice in functionality  or quality. Each product has resulted after a long study on multimedia performance technologies, and the end result reflects a unique solution that is used from experimental new media to permanent commercial installations

The applications are well documented with manuals, instructional videos, and tutorials. We offer multilingual training and support to our customers after request. Moreover, we can provide online real-time consultation after arranging a meeting with our technical director. 

Please contact us if you would like to suggest a feature in our software applications, or ask for a specific function that you would like for your installation or performance. Our programmers are willing to help you adjust the software according to your criteria and standards. 

For any help, assistance, or other information you can reach us here.

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