Music Cafe v1.5

Music Flow Automation

Music Cafe is a simple and intuitive interface for automatic music mixing and selection. It provides an interface for arranging the incoming music folders better and faster, and also gives the opportunity to save different folder combinations so that larger file structures can be handled easier. The user can set specific music folder(s) for a corresponding hour of the day (and day of the week) and instantly program the music flow for a whole week with a few simple selections. Changes of the weekly flow can be set in real time and this results in a intuitive interface for macro-control of the music lists the user prefers. When a list selection is made, the program automatically chooses randomly between the contained files in order to prevent repetition of the music material. This makes Music Cafe an attractive solution to everyone who seeks absolute control of the music flow in a media system.

Music Cafe is an ideal solution for cafes, shops, galleries, restaurants, hotels, and for every space that great time control of  music is needed.



Cross-platform (Mac OSX Tiger/Leopard/Snow Leopard/Lion, Windows XP/Vista/7)

Supports most common audio files (.mp3, .aiff, .wav)

Drag and drop functionallity


Innovative interface for music flow control

Real-time programming

Automatically restore last settings


Minimum System Requirements

Windows XP, or Mac OSX Tiger

512MB RAM or higher

Latest Quicktime player installed


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