Download VJ Mode 1.5 for MacOS



The demo version of VJ Mode 1.5 for both MacOS and Windows is fully functional but with time and features limit.

*Demo version does not also include Remore Control for VJ Mode 1.5, TouchOSC iPhone template, or the M4L Plugins Collection.

If you purchase the full version of VJ Mode 1.5 you will be able to use all the features of the program. Moreover, you will receive Remote Control 1.5, TouchOSC iPhone template, and M4L Plugins Collection that can be used for audiovisual synchronization, control, and automation with Ableton Live 8 and VJ Mode 1.5.

Please note that we can set and program VJ Mode 1.5 to support our customers needs. Moreover, we can provide online tutorials, and online real-time configuration of the application if circumstances demand it.

To unlock VJ Mode 1.5 and get access of all its features, purchase using link below. After your payment, you will receive an authorization code to access full features of VJ Mode 1.5 

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